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Merchant Cash Advance Turn your future credit card sales into working capital today! Based on your monthly Visa/MasterCard ...

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Many businesses, no matter how well they are run, cannot qualify for traditional bank loans due to personal credit issues, too few years ...

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Four easy steps to obtain working capital
1.Speak to an account specialist to discuss all available options and determine...

Merchant Cash Advance Loans

If you have an established business that's in need of some immediate cash flow, a Merchant Cash Advance from Elite Funding might be the answer for you! Also known as "credit card receivable funding," the merchant cash advance system initially pays out a lump sum to suit the needs of your business--then automatically collects a fixed dollar amount from your future credit and debit card sales. We work with most major credit card processors including Patriot Bankcard, and High Risk Bankcard. More attainable and convenient than a traditional bank loan, a merchant cash advance from Elite Funding has no deadlines, no fixed monthly payment, no penalties for prepaying, and no late fees.

A Bad Credit Business Loan that Works for You

At Elite Funding, we offer bad credit business loan options for entrepreneurial spirits who are looking towards the future. A poor credit score doesn't have to last forever, and managing your Elite Funding loan payments on time is a great way to help restore your credit rating. Our True Loan program is perfect for business owners with poor credit, no credit history, or limited cash reserves who do not want to pay outrageous interest rates for a standard business loan. A bad credit business loan from Elite Funding features lightning-fast turnaround, a daily fixed payment method for your business's convenience, and is often less expensive than a merchant cash advance

A Business Cash Advance from Elite Funding

Whether you're looking for a business cash advance or an affordable business loan, Elite Funding is here to help! Our merchant loans and cash advances are designed to help you get your money quickly, and our payment plans are simple and affordable. Whatever your goals are for your business, our experts will work with you to find the right financial plan for your business.

Small businesses are a crucial part of today's economy, and Elite Funding is as committed to your success as you are. If you're looking to make an investment, call Elite Funding today- because we're invested in you.

What Could Your Business Do With Extra Cash?

  • Payroll
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Building Expansions or Renovations
  • Suppliers
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Vendor Promotions
  • Acquisitions
  • Emergency Funding
  • Repairs

Elite Funding can fund your account with a Cash Advance in 5 days once approved! Elite Funding will wire the funds directly into your bank account!

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