Startup Business Loans & Direct Funding from Elite Funding

Startup Business Loans from Elite Funding give innovators in the field of small business the financial resources they need to build tomorrow’s leading companies. Unlike traditional funding sources, Elite Funding’s True Loans program awards its funds with accessible terms and affordable rates. Startup business loans are a smart way for entrepreneurs to finance new ideas and business initiatives while staying in control of their finances. Elite Funding allows business owners to borrow on the strength of their companies alone. We truly believe in our clients and invest ourselves in the success of each startup we help.

Direct Funding When You Need It

Direct funding through the True Loan program is an affordable way to help your business grow. With the financial support of a well-plannedstartup business loan, you can hire new employees, focus on marketing to bring in leads, or even expand your company to new offices. Elite Funding’s direct funding loans are generally up to 50% less expensive than merchant cash advances. Our company makes funding decisions in as little as one day and typically disburses funds in as few as two business days. You simply need to pay a daily, fixed payment and continue to focus on optimizing your day-to-day operations.

A Working Capital Loan Committed to Success

Working capital loan from our company is an ideal solution for a new business without an established credit history or an existing budget. Elite Funding can help your business secure many types of working capital loans, including Automated Clearing House, or ACH loans. The ACH is a network of financial institutions that helps to keep the nation’s banking system unified. Using the ACH network, Elite Funding offers its customers the opportunity to have loan payments automatically withdrawn from their bank accounts. This convenience is emblematic of our dedication to mutual success with our customers. With Elite Funding, you get the resources you need to grow a business on your own terms.